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We have a rigorous enlistment process for our restaurant commentators. They know, are familiar with food processes, cookery styles, and provide personal hands-on notes about restaurants.

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We understand that people are different and have diverse tastes; we conclude our reviews with tags to suit their style and personal leanings. To make our guides as informative as possible, we often cite online sources and leisure resource websites.

Know Your Hotels

We present to you different hotel reviews. From their room to their restaurants and foods.

Every hotel we assess is written by expert hospitality/travel columnists who have lodged in many boarding options worldwide. Established in 2019, we aim to cover holdings on all the U.S states and all regions of the world. Here, we present an exhaustive analysis of hotels and their restaurants that excel in the industry. All of our writers are industry experts who have traveled extensively and visited hotels around the world.

Top Hotels

Here is a list of some of the top hotels with the best accommodations and foods. The Writes and Reviewers that had written the review are familiar with different kinds of hotels from accommodation to foods.

  • Emirates Palace

  • Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

  • The Westin Excelsior

  • Burj Al Arab Hotel

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Our Reviews Our Reviews At Eccebedandbreakfast, we always thirst for adventure, hopping on planes, moving from place to place to obtain the first facts about a startup. As a hotel reviewer also dedicated to properties, we understand the importance of a great bed,...

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Our Writers and reviewersOur Writers and Reviewers Our writers share real-life events, not conjured press statements. Their articles appear in several magazines and some of them own personal blogs. Our ethos is to find and value luxury in budget businesses – that...

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Susan D. Cunningham is a professional blogger that is always traveling.  On her constant travel, she has been in so many different hotels experiencing their foods and accommodation. We provide a detailed guide for hotel restaurants and the cuisine they provide. Understanding that people are different and have diverse tastes; we conclude our reviews with tags to suit their style and personal leanings.