Our Reviews

Our Reviews

At Eccebedandbreakfast, we always thirst for adventure, hopping on planes, moving from place to place to obtain the first facts about a startup. As a hotel reviewer also dedicated to properties, we understand the importance of a great bed, excellent food, scenic views, and a good rest.

Finally, we have confidence in new hotels; they are signs of faith for the industry. In this period of a pandemic, hoteliers are not giving up. Instead, they are welcoming the prospect of multiplying.

We know people are keen to journey again and that there will be an intense sense of appreciation in pursuing out encounters they’ve missed during this time. That’s why we provide tips for hotels about improving their business. For example:

  • Brand new hotels could exploit the call for unused rooms beforehand. Regardless of possible quarantines and guest restraints, hotels can design new processes and procedures to prepare themselves for imminent customer traffic, whether it’s restrained local traffic or post-epidemic requests.

We have an ongoing learning process that evaluates what guests look for in hotels and how we may provide sustainable reviews. Even with the restriction of movement in many countries, we are eager to serve you post-pandemic.

Our reviews are a result of checkmarks such as hospitability of the hotel, culinary skills of the chefs, the safety of guests and staff, service culture, room guides, and price range.