Our Writers and Reviewers

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Our Writers and reviewers

Our Writers and Reviewers

Our writers share real-life events, not conjured press statements. Their articles appear in several magazines and some of them own personal blogs.

Our ethos is to find and value luxury in budget businesses – that sweet spot where skill and price overlap to create a sensation in consumers. We help consumers solve their lodging and culinary uncertainties by providing helpful facts about places they intend to visit.

We hope to become the umbrella of hospitality, food & travel. We believe that tradition, cookery, and natural surroundings reveal a destination in excellent ways that seductively attract travelers to notice, link up, and stay behind. That words can showcase quality beyond the ordinary.

Right now, we have 15 writers located throughout Europe, the Americas, and Australia to expand to other continents soon.

The age of anything-goes, unconfirmed hotel guides, is going to end soon. Users already know it. Our review list of best restaurant hotels in New York proves it. Finally, there’s a hotel review site that everyone can trust.

We understand that people are different and have diverse tastes; we conclude our reviews with tags to suit their style and personal leanings. To make our guides as informative as possible, we often cite online sources and leisure resource websites.