6 Trade Skills that Support Your Hotel Business

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Writers

Did you know that people in the trade industry are well-sort after individuals in the US? The United States labor force considers them highly paid personnel, unlike high school graduates.

 According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), a trade skill is a career that focuses explicitly on a particular ability.

Mostly you get it from a vocational training center or college. They are short term courses; with passion, you become perfect in the desired power.

Your creativity in the skillset proves your professionalism and perfection in it.

In any house set up, you need the trade skills in one way or the other. Who unblocks your sinks?

When all of a sudden, you are in darkness and no power blackout from the national grid, someone must come to sort the power issue.

In your restaurant business, the skills come in handy to save on maintenance costs. When recruiting your employees, an interviewer with these skills is an asset to your enterprise.

Moreover, in the world of competition, they give you value for their money. They can detect and sort a problem before it goes out of hand.

The skills relevant in a hotel business

  • Electrical work
  • Woodwork
  • Fabrication knowledge
  • Plumbing skills
  • Painters
  • Interior décor

Imagine when you have ten employees with these skills; you may not need to have contractors to handle your renovation work.

Besides, they give you practical advice on what to do in their specific area to have the best in your business.

People love to add value to their workplace in a way that makes them comfortable. The ripple effect of this is business growth through increased customer flow.

How woodwork supports the growth of the restaurant business

It’s highly likely your furniture is made of wood. When you need to have a changeover, the chef with woodworking knowledge will give you unsolicited advice on the best wood to use and the right woodwork tools.

You can choose to use him during his leave days to handle the work for you. The renovation needs simple tools like miter saws, a power cutter responsible for managing all your woodwork cutting needs.

Moreover, it’s suitable for all manner of woods, including hardwood typical in your restaurant.

Will you have saved cost, unlike getting a woodworker on contract to handle the job for you?

Also, a resident woodworker with enthusiasm in the skill goes an extra mile to do DIY woodwork projects in the kitchen to support his work.

Plumbing works in a restaurant

Hygiene is paramount in the hospitality industry. Small mistakes mean you are ever calling a plumber to do repairs for you all the time.

 An employee with plumbing skills is always careful about waste disposal. He understands the drainage and flow of water systems’ ideal capability to improve the overall functioning of the water systems in the restaurant.

As the owner, with such expertise, you understand water-saving tips and multifunctional devices to install in your hotel to ensure that your customers and employees have the best time on the premises.

Fabrication knowledge for business

Are you planning an upgrade to give your restaurant a facelift? It’s time to use your welding skills to come up with beautiful metalwork designs to enhance your customers’ comfort.

With these skills at hand, no metal pieces go to waste. During your free time, you can do DIY metalwork projects to add aesthetic value to your display shelf, among other creative designs suitable for your restaurant.

The purpose of an electrician in a restaurant

You may have started the restaurant business by design or passion or the need to feel the gap in the market.

It doesn’t mean you shelve your electrical skills; they come in handy in dealing with emergency cases.

When your bulb blows out, you can quickly fix it without waiting for an electrician to handle it.

You understand the electrical systems you can use to enhance the lighting system for the ease of night revelers. In short, you save that cash and use it to improve services within your business.


The wall is the restaurant’s focal point. The color combination should create a sense of harmony and peace.

Although professional painters give you a perfect job, you can still achieve the best with your painting skills.

You can play around with colors and have a bi-annual change of wall paint now that you don’t have to pay for the service.

Interior deco skills

You can move your love for interior décor a notch higher. Do you know that can be something your customers come to look forward to all the time?

It’s a skill you can use to ensure your restaurant’s lounge has a touch of home away from home.

 Moreover, you can play with the color combination in line with the wall colors for the perfect look.

For a beautiful dining kind of restaurant, you can perfect your skills to enhance customer loyalty.

The growth of your hotel business depends on many factors. Your target audience, the kind of food you offer, and customer service all play a part in the growth.

How well do you utilize these skills?