Why You Need to Encourage Hoteliers to Engage in Sports

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Writers

As a hotelier, it’s possible to engrave yourself in ensuring your customers have the best. With this busy schedule, it may be not easy to take good care of your physical health.

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What do you do at the end of a busy day? Do you sit at your favorite spot on the couch catching up with friends on social media? Or you watch television until sleep takes a toll on you?

If these are the scenarios that define you, then you are sitting in a time bomb. It’s a matter of time, and you have an unhealthy weight which comes with its share of challenges.

Health professionals advise that you need to engage in a physically active work now that your work revolves around sitting down in your office with minimal movements.

The kind of sports now depends on your passion and availability of space. Hoteliers with no idea on the type of sports to engage should consider the following factors

  • The time you intend to spare for the fun activity
  • Availability of sports equipment
  • Availability of playing partners unless you want to use robots
  • Do you have space for the exercise
  • The type of sport- indoor or outdoor activities

The main aim of the sport of choice is to ensure you are physically active away from the long sitting hours in the office.

What is the best kind of sports suitable for hoteliers?

After a hard day, you need to have a different environment away from the hotel. That is the time you meet your friends over coffee.

What of taking the interaction to a higher level and play table tennis? You can choose to create a small game space within your premises.

That is one way to enhancing customer loyalty. Apart from the food, people have something else to get out of their stay in your restaurant.

All you need to do is to prove several ping pong tables and place them at strategic points. It helps you to play anytime as you also monitor what happens in your hotel business.

It’s one way to improve your game skills, ready to face your opponents in the evening.

Shuffleboard is also a perfect addition to your game room. Let your game room have varieties of sports equipment for more and less active customers.

You even can’t afford to underrate the power of a pool game. Other options that you can do when away from the premises include

  • Bike riding
  • Swimming
  • Game hunting
  • Scuba diving

1. Helps to maintain a healthy weight

You need to stay healthy to leave a legacy of your restaurant. When you are ever in hospital because of weight-related illnesses, it negatively affects your business.

Some decisions need your presence at all costs. Remember you are in the food business, yet, diet plays a significant role when it comes to weight gain.

Therefore, you have no option but to negate in serious sports to save your business from unnecessary losses.

2. Makes you have a good sleep

A night of good sleep enhances your productivity. When your body is less active, you will toss around the bed with no proper rest.

You need it for the body to rejuvenate and prepare worn out tissues. A physically-intensive game supports this hence making you have the best rest of all time.

3. Improves your muscle endurance and flexibility levels

You need the flexible muscles to stand log hours during the peak times in your restaurants. We don’t want you to fall as a result.

Engage in sports to ensure the muscles are strong enough to endure in such times.

4. The best fitness activity

It’s the talk of ton for people to engage in a fitness activity. You may have no option on what works for you since passion is also involved in this.

Therefore, you need to go for exercises that make s you get out of your comfort zone. That is what makes fitness as the perfect fitness activity.

5. Relieves stress, depression and anxiety

The work-related stresses can take a toll on you in a way you won’t believe. If you aren’t careful, it will reduce your productivity levels. Therefore, it’s essential to engage in sports to keep stress and related symptoms at bay.

Despite the positive effects of sports, it takes time for hoteliers to make that bold step and start. Let the benefits be a motivation to start. It’s better to do it as a group to have a healthy support system around you.