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May 2013 Visit

Terry Teachout / Long Distance, Please

“As for me, I’ve been tearing around America ever since the Broadway season ended–but not this week. Mrs. T, spotting four dark days on my calendar, suggested that we might want to spend them taking a work-free mini-vacation at ECCE Bed and Breakfast, our beloved and indispensable Delaware River retreat. That sounded good to me, so we drove to ECCE on Monday and proceeded to do…nothing. Lots of nothing.”

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2012 Visit

Terry Teachout / Up and Around the Bend

“ECCE is, if anything, an even more important part of my life with Mrs. T, for we spent part of our honeymoon there, and since then we’ve made a special point of going back at least once a year.”

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2011 Visit

Terry Teachout / Time off and (on)

“I didn’t take any time off this summer, so last week I compensated myself for my excessive industry by spending three nights with Mrs. T at ECCE Bed and Breakfast, the peaceful retreat in the southern Catskills where we spent part of our honeymoon four years ago and about which I’ve written more than once in this space. Since the point of taking time off is to do nothing, I don’t have any leisurely activities to describe. We slept late, we took a long afternoon drive and looked at the autumn foliage, we sat on the terrace and looked at the Upper Delaware River, we ate a very nice dinner in the quaint little town of Narrowsburg, and we watched a couple of movies. Oh, yes–I wrote the first draft of a new play. From scratch.”

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2009 Visit

Terry Teachout / Second Stanza

“I can’t remember the last time I felt so rested. I knew I was tired, but I didn’t fully understand how tightly wrapped I was until the knots came undone and I started to relax.”

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2009 Visit

Terry Teachout / Far From Here

“The photo on the left is the view from the hammock in the backyard of ECCE, which overlooks the Upper Delaware River. Some pictures lie, but this one tells the plain truth: ECCE is really that pretty, and that serene.”

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The Wall Street Journal, 2008 Visit
Terry Teachout / Travels with Mrs. T (II)

“The picturesque ECCE, whose Web site accurately describes it as being “perched on a bluff 300 feet above the Upper Delaware River,” is the place we like best other than home, not least because Alan Rosenblatt goes out of his way to pamper his guests.”

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Wall Street Journal, 2005 Visit

Terry Teachout / The Dreamlife of Critics

“For once, the Web site understates the case: my room had a huge picture window, and I’ve never seen a more spectacular view.”

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