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In Latin, ECCE (pronounced et chay) translates to “behold” and at the ECCE Bed and Breakfast In Barryville, western Sullivan County, you will behold wonders of man and nature everywhere. American bald eagles nest nearby, in easy view of a powerful spottin telescope, clearly show­ing two recently hatched eaglets sitting up and taking nourishment. The impressive Upper Delaware River flows 300 feet below the moun­tain bluff upon which the ECCE B&B perches. Alan Rosenblatt and Kurt Kreider opened ECCE in 2004 after com­pletely renovating and adding onto on existing private home with magnif­icent vistas up and down the Delaware and across the surrounding Catskill Mountains. Just breathing deeply of the fresh, clean, mountain air uplifts your spirit.

Alan and Kurt have redecorated the entire place with their elegant, quiet. good taste evident in ECCE’s every room and feature. There are five luxurious bed­rooms, each with its own private both, some with whirlpool tubs, and the rooms ore named appropri­ately for their indi­vidual view. Sunrise, Sunset I and Sunset II, ore self-explanatory; the Woods faces into a forest at the front of the 60 acres of the establishment; and the Ridge looks out at the Pennsylvania ridgeline below from a king-sized bed. Every room hos its own refreshment center, with a well-stocked refrigerator, bas­kets of snacks (all complimentary). coffee and tea brewer, TV with VCR, DVD and CD player. There is a library of movies and music, books and games for guest use. Each room has Internet access.

When we were there, the Barryville Area Arts Association was utilizing ECCE as a venue for on exhibit of the work of local artists. Blending well with pieces already owned by Alan and Kurt were many attrac­tive, reasonably priced, paintings and pieces of sculpture on the walls and in the public rooms which we would be proud to own.

Open seven days a week, visi­tors ore welcomed by o late afternoon reception with drinks, wine, light refreshments, and a tour. Alan and Kurt’s idea of snacks are hot and cold hors d’oeuvres like skewers of tasty chicken, steak, mushrooms, and shrimp, a cheese tray, crudites, dips and baked portobella mushrooms, dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. During this gel-together, Alan and Kurt discuss the many choices for the next day’s complete country break­fast menu.­

One of the best, which we really enjoyed, was a spectacular, modest­ly named, baked stuffed French toast filled with cream cheese and your choice of fresh fruit, nuts and choco­late, then oven-baked. Yum! Other selections include eggs in the clouds Benedict, or eggs New York Style, a baked omelet with lox and onions, or southwest omelet with hot sausage, scallions, tomatoes, peppers, salsa and cheese, topped by o dollop of sour cream and block olives — or any of other additional interesting breakfast delights. There is always a buffet featuring homemade bread and granola, cold cereal, yogurt and fresh fruit. Alan and Kurt will be glad to meet any special dietary needs. These meals ore served, weather permitting, outdoors on the expansive deck overlooking the mountain vis­tas, or, on one of those rare inclement days, in the bright break­fast sunroom.

Editor’s note: ECCE is 15 miles from The Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.


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