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50 Cozy Towns to Visit this Winter

If it feels like all of your friends are heading off to tropical vacations this winter, consider heading down a different path with a visit to a quaint, cozy American town.

Whether you’re interested in dog-sledding through the wilds of Wyoming or touring luxurious mansions along the coast of Rhode Island, we’ve rounded up a list of 50 favorite small-town destinations that have something to offer everyone.

Stacker evaluated each town based on visitor opinions, ratings from publications like U.S. News & World Report, Country Living, and Travel & Leisure, as well as available activities, landmarks, and other tourist attractions. We’ve also included the 2015 estimated Census population for each destination. Read on to see where you can find activities that range from the traditional fare like craft markets and holiday parades to out-of-the-ordinary finds (think Himalayan food, teepee camping, and even scuba diving!)


Barryville, NY

Estimated Population: 2,530

This tiny hamlet is the perfect place for a beautiful, relaxing weekend in upstate New York. Nestled by the Delaware river at the border of New York and Pennsylvania, Barryville features scenic views of the river and surrounding Sullivan Catskills. Stay at the ECCE Bed & Breakfast for a romantic B&B experience and visit the Stickett Inn Store/Good Food for Intelligentsia coffee and other treats from local purveyors.

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