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ECCE B&B speaks a universal language

I’m suffering from a severe case of ECCE envy. All you need to do is spend a moment at ECCE B&B in Barryville to understand why.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; however, when perched on this bluff overlooking the Delaware River, there is only beauty for one to feast upon. It’s as if diamonds dance on the waters below and the elves spend hours with their paintbrushes detailing the leaves on the trees that mark the slopes rising form the river banks.

Alan Rosendblatt, co-owner of the B&B with Kurtis Kreider since May 2003, affirms the hypnotic quality of the 60 arces that embrace ECCE.

“People have been coming here since 1926,” says Alan, pointing to the stone on the bluff that guards the secrets of loves through the decades – revealing only their initials. “We had a couple in their 70s who were both 15 when they first came to the site.”

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